Staff working in patient care or administrative areas who are not face to face with patients (e.g. environmental services staff cleaning empty clinic areas in the evening, registration personnel behind plexiglass, administrative assistants) are NOT required to wear face/eye protection, but must still wear a mask while working in the area.

UPP is basically applying droplet precautions to all direct patient contacts. Droplet transmission is the most common way for COVID-19 to spread.

What are acceptable methods of face/eye protection?

  • Goggles
  • Faceshields (disposable-foam headband or reusable plastic headband)
  • Visors attached to masks

A visor/face shield must be worn when wearing an N-95 mask.


Prescription eye glasses are not considered accepted eye protection.

Ensure correct use

If you do happen to touch your face/eye protection, immediately perform hand hygiene

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