COVID unit

General Measures

Droplet / Contact Precautions

Avoid aerosol generating medical procedures (AGMP)

For aerosol generating medical procedures

Contact Infection Prevention and Control through switchboard

If patient must leave their room, they must wear a surgical mask, if capable.

Encourage patient to self−pronate as often as possible.

Educate patient on need to remove facial hair to ensure face mask seal in the event of respiratory decompensation.

Laboratory Investigations:

  • CBC, auto diff, INR, PTT

  • Electrolytes (Na, K), chloride, calcium, magnesium, phosphate, total CO2

  • Creatinine, urea, random glucose

  • CK, troponin, ALT, AST, albumin, bilirubin

  • Ferritin (do not cancel note), D−Dimer

  • CRP

  • ABG

  • HIV, Hepatitis C (diagnosis)

  • C3, C4, immunoglobulins

  • Lipid profile

  • NT−proBNP (CZ only)

  • Lipase

  • Beta−HCG (women of childbearing potential)

Diagnostic Investigations:

Confirmatory COVID−19 nasopharyngeal swab, if not done

Influenza nasopharyngeal swab, if not done

Consider: Blood cultures (2 sets, aerobic and anaerobic), sputum culture if indicated



Infectious Diseases

Also if high flow heated humidified oxygen (AIRVO® / Optiflow®) or non−invasive positive pressure ventilation being considered.

Consider as required: Respirology, Internal Medicine, Social Work

Management and Medications

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