C difficile risk
Oral Bioavailability


Defined criteria for use and/or important safety considerations. See below for more information.

See nomograph (below)

General Information

  • Primary: Urinary infections including urosepsis

  • Empiric therapy of severely ill patients with suspected Gram-negative infections (including Pseudomonas)

Does not cover Gram-positives, anaerobes or atypical microbes

Increased nephrotoxicity

  • Amphotericin B

  • Cyclosporine

  • Cisplatin


  • Contrast dye

  • Vancomycin

Increased ototoxicity

  • Furosemide

Neuromuscular blockade agents - Respiratory paralysis.

Formal audiology assessment if planning to use aminoglycoside for 14d or if symptoms develop.

Inform patient of risk of ototoxicity and to report any symptoms immediately.

Antimicrobial class: Aminoglycoside

Pregnancy category: D

Average serum half life: 3 hours

Biliary penetration: Moderate

CSF penetration: Poor

Lung penetration: Therapeutic

Urine penetration: Therapeutic

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