C difficile risk
Oral Bioavailability


Defined criteria for use and/or important safety considerations. See below for more information.

500 mg PO q6h

CrCl > 30 mL/minCrCl 10 - 30 mL/minCrCl < 10 mL/minNo renal adjustment required500 mg PO q 8-12h500 mg PO q12-24h

500 mg PO q12-24h

  • Give dose after dialysis on HD days

500 mg PO q12-24h

No Data, consider 500 mg PO q6h

General Information


  • Cellulitis and erysipelas


  • Uncomplicated urinary infections with cefazolin-sensitive microorganisms

DO NOT use in cefazolin-sensitive systemic infections or complicated urinary infections due to E.coli, K. pneumoniae, or P. mirabilis

Increases metformin levels

Should NOT be used for complicated urinary infections/urosepsis

Antimicrobial class: First Generation Cephalosporin.

Pregnancy category: B

Biliary penetration: Moderate

CSF penetration: Poor

Lung penetration: Moderate

Urine penetration: Therapeutic

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