C difficile risk
Oral Bioavailability


Requires AMS review within 72 hours. See below for more information.

200 mg PO BID x 10 days

No renal adjustment required

General Information

  • Primary: none

  • Alternative: An option for patients with C. difficile infection with a documented allergy or severe adverse drug reaction to vancomycin

Do not use for systemic infections (absorption is negligible)

Use with caution in patients with a history of macrolide allergy, risk of hypersensitivity cross reaction

  • GI disturbance

  • Cytopenias

  • Hypersensitivity: facial, tongue or throat swelling

Consult Infectious Disease

Antimicrobial class: Specialized anti-C. difficile macrocyclic agent

Pregnancy category: B

Urine penetration: None

Lung penetration: None

CSF penetration: None

Biliary penetration: None

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