C difficile risk
Oral Bioavailability
IV $9/d PO $2/d


Defined criteria for use and/or important safety considerations. See below for more information.

IVPO600 mg IV q8h 300 - 450 mg PO q6-8h

900 mg IV q8h

General Information


  • For use in combination for treatment of Group A streptococcus (Streptococcus pyogenes) or Staphylococcus aureus infections causing toxic shock syndrome or necrotizing fasciitis


  • Noninvasive MRSA infections, if susceptible, without alternative option such as TMP/SMX or doxycycline

  • Part of combination therapy for Pneumocystis, Toxoplasma

  • Increasing resistance of Bacteroides, metronidazole is the drug of choice in such infections

  • Due to high rates of C. difficile with clindamycin use, clindamycin is not recommended for treatment of infections other than those associated with toxic shock syndrome

  • Monitor for diarrhea

  • C. difficile colitis

  • Cytopenia

  • Abnormal liver enzymes

  • Muscle relaxants, e.g., atracurium, baclofen, diazepam.

  • St. Johns Wort

Antimicrobial class: Lincosamide

Pregnancy category: B

Average serum half life: 2.4 hours

Biliary penetration: Therapeutic

CSF penetration: Poor

Lung penetration: Therapeutic

Urine penetration: Poor

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