Febrile Neutropenia - Adult
Hemodynamically Stable Treatment

Hemodynamically Stable Treatment


  • Clinically suspected catheter-related infection
  • Skin and soft tissue infection
  • Severe mucositis
  • G.P. bacteremia




Alternative in case of real PCN/Cephalosporin allergy


  • If any risk factors (above) present
  • Stop after 2 days if there is no evidence for GP infection


If patient still febrile after 4-7 days

Duration of Therapy

  • Duration of therapy is dictated by the organism and site of infection
  • With unexplained fever appropriate antibiotics should continue for at least the duration of neutropenia (until ANC is ≥ 500 cells/mm3) or longer if clinically necessary
  • If an appropriate treatment course has been completed and all signs and symptoms of a documented infection have resolved, patients who remain neutropenic may resume oral prophylaxis until marrow recovery