T2-Candida Blood Test

T2-Candida Blood Test

T2-Candida Blood Test

T2-Candida is a rapid diagnostic test performed on whole blood without culture that detects the 5 most common Candida species with results in 3-5 hours

Rapid Diagnostic Tests like T2-Candida should be evaluated and acted upon rapidly or the beneficial impact of such tests will be lost

What patients should be tested?

Abdominal surgery, anastomotic leaks and necrotizing pancreatitis are considered high risk

  • TPN
  • Surgery
  • Central venous catheter
  • Neutropenia/severe immunocompromised
  • Multifocal Candida colonization
  • Unresponsive to broad spectrum antibiotics

How should the results be interpreted?

Consider discontinuing anti-fungal treatment

  • Sensitivity: 96.4%
  • Specificity: 99.4%
  • Negative Predictive Value: 99.9%

Expect a conversation from our Antimicrobial Stewardship Program for patients with a Negative T2-Candida Result

C. albicans/tropicalis OR parapsilosis

  • 1st line Fluconazole 800mg (12 mg/kg) x1, then 400mg (6 mg/kg) daily
  • Micafungin 100mg daily if clinically unstable or azole experienced

C. glabrata/krusei

  • Micafungin 100mg daily

Expect a phone call from our Antimicrobial Stewardship Program for positive T2-Candida results not on appropriate treatment

What outcomes will be followed to justify the T2-Candida test?

Identifying invasive candidiasis rapidly should return decreased time to 1st appropriate anti-fungal dose and decreased mortality

Ruling out invasive candidiasis with a NPV 99.9% should return decreased empiric echinocandin duration of therapy lessening the impact of Candida resistance