Appendicitis and Diverticulitis (Perforated/Abscessed)

Appendicitis and Diverticulitis (Perforated/Abscessed)


Almost always polymicrobial requiring coverage for aerobic AND anaerobic gram-negatives along with gram-positives

NOT recommended empirically due to the substantial resistance at AdventHealth Tampa to common bacteria associated with GI tract infections

  • Not routinely recommended empirically
  • Consider coverage for anastomotic leak, poor response to antibiotic course, esophageal perf/leak, immunosuppression

I.e. ampicillin, piperacillin, vanco

  • Recommended for Healthcare-Associated or Severe Community-acquired infection, particularly in postoperative infection, immunocompromised, valvular heart disease or prosthetic intravascular materials
  • Use clinical judgment as pathogenicity of enterococcus is uncertain
  • Only recommended empirically in Healthcare-Associated infection in known colonized patients or at risk due to significant antibiotic exposure
  • Use clinical judgment