Biliary Tract Infections

Biliary Tract Infections


Adequate biliary drainage is paramount as severe cases as obstruction will prevent antibiotics from entering bile

Fluoroquinolone based regimens are NOT recommended empirically due to the substantial resistance at AdventHealth Tampa to common bacteria associated with biliary infections

Not required unless a biliary-enteric anastomosis is present, history of previous biliary manipulation or more severe infection per IDSA Guideline

  • Not required for community-acquired mild to moderate severity biliary infections because pathogenicity has not been demonstrated
  • Relevance of Enterococcus is uncertain and empiric coverage should be guided by clinical judgment
  • Not routinely recommended empirically
  • Consider coverage for anastomotic leak, poor response to antibiotic course, esophageal perf/leak, immunosuppression
  • Only recommended empirically in Healthcare-Associated infection in known colonized patients or at risk due to significant antibiotic exposure
  • Use clinical judgment