Your Answer: Ceftriaxone

Your Answer: Ceftriaxone

❌ Azithromycin
❌ Ceftriaxone
❌ Doxycycline
✅ Penicillin desensitization followed by treatment with benzathine penicillin G
❌ No further treatment indicated

  • Rates of syphilis in Saskatchewan are two to three times higher than the national rate; rates of syphilis in Saskatchewan increased by 891% from 2016 to 2020.
  • Penicillin G is the only known effective antimicrobial for preventing congenital syphilis and treating fetal infection.
  • Penicillin desensitization followed by treatment with penicillin should strongly be considered in people who are pregnant with penicillin allergies.
  • There is no satisfactory alternative to penicillin for treatment of syphilis in pregnancy; insufficient data exist to recommend ceftriaxone or other cephalosporins for treatment of maternal infection or prevention of congenital syphilis.
  • Macrolides such as erythromycin or azithromycin should not be used to treat syphilis in pregnancy given neither reliably cures maternal infection nor treats an infected fetus.
  • Doxycycline is contra-indicated during second or third
    trimester of pregnancy.

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