Case of the Month
Case of the Month - June 2022

Case of the Month - June 2022

Case Synopsis

A 65 year old woman was admitted to the medical ward of a hospital for bacteremia and polymicrobial pyogenic liver abscess. She is receiving broad-spectrum parenteral antimicrobials and a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) is placed for administration of long-term antimicrobials with ongoing drainage of her hepatic abscess. 

Approximately one week later, she is noted to be febrile and hypotensive. Blood cultures obtained from peripheral and PICC sites are positive for the growth of yeast. An echinocandin is initiated while awaiting speciation and susceptibility testing. 

Reflecting upon this case, you engage in a discussion with a colleague about anti-fungal susceptibility patterns.

Which of the following strains of yeast is INTRINSICALLY resistant to fluconazole?