Taking off (Doffing) PPE

Taking off (Doffing) PPE

1 - Gloves

A. Grasp the outside edge of the glove near the wrist and peel away from the hand, turning the glove inside-out. Hold the glove in the opposite gloved hand.

B. Slide an ungloved finger or thumb under the wrist of the remaining glove.

C. Peel the glove off and over the first glove, making a bag for both gloves. put the gloves in the garbage

Doffing Gloves

2 - Clean Your Hands

Using an alcohol-based hand rub is the preferred way to clean your hands.

If your hands look or feel dirty, soap and water must be used to wash your hands.

3 - Gown

A. Carefully unfasten ties.

B. Grasp the outside of the gown at the back of the shoulders and pull the gown down over the arms.

C. Turn the gown inside out during removal. Put in hamper or, if disposable, put in garbage.

4 - Clean Your Hands, Exit Room and Clean Hands Again

A. Clean your hands (as instructed above)

B. Exit the patient room, close the door and clean your hands again

5 - Remove Eye Protection or Face Shield

A. Handle only by headband or ear pieces

B. Carefully pull away from face

C. Put reusable items in appropriate area for cleaning Put disposable items into garbage

6 - Remove Mask or N95 Respirator

A. Bend forward slightly and carefully remove the mask from your face by touching only the ties or elastic bands

B. Start with the bottom tie, then remove the top tie

C. Throw the mask in the garbage

7 - Clean Your Hands

As instructed above