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Choosing Wisely

Choosing Wisely

  1. Don’t go out for non-essential reasons. Keep a safe physical distance from others (2 m or 6 ft.) and follow guidance from your national and local public health authority.

  2. Don’t go in person to a hospital, clinic, or health care provider for routine care (preventative visits, routine blood work) or non-essential care without calling ahead.

  3. Don’t go to the emergency department for assessment of mild COVID-19 symptoms. Use virtual tools or screening centres if available.

  4. Don’t self-prescribe or request unproven therapies to prevent or treat COVID-19.

  1. Don’t offer non-essential services to patients in person, if virtual tools such as telephone or online visits are available. Delay non-essential care and laboratory testing when possible.

  2. Don’t send frail residents of a nursing home to the hospital, unless their urgent comfort and medical needs cannot be met on site.

  3. Don’t give red blood cells (RBC) based solely on an arbitrary hemoglobin level. Give one-unit of RBC at a time and reassess the need for more.

  4. Don’t intubate frail elderly patients in the absence of a discussion with family members regarding the patient’s advance directives whenever possible.

  5. Don’t prescribe unproven therapies for COVID-19 patients other than in an approved clinical trial.