Putting on (Donning) PPE

Putting on (Donning) PPE

1 - Hand Hygiene


A. Using an alcohol-based hand rub is the preferred way to clean your hands.

B. If your hands look or feel dirty, soap and water must be used to wash your hands.

2 - Gown


A. Make sure the gown covers from neck to knees to wrist.

B. Tie at the back of neck and waist.

3a - Surgical Mask


Secure the ties or elastic around your head so the mask stays in place.

Fit the moldable band to the nose bridge. Fit snugly to your face and below chin.

3b - N95 Respirator (if required due to AGMP)

Pre-stretch both top and bottom straps before placing the respirator on your face

Cup the N95 respirator in your hand

Position the N95 respirator under your chin with the nose piece up. Secure the elastic band around your head so the N95 respirator stays in place

Use both hands to mold the metal band of the N95 respirator around the bridge of your nose

Fit check the N95 respirator

4 - Eye protection or face shields


Place over the eyes (or face), then adjust to fit

5 - Gloves


Pull the cuffs of the gloves over the cuffs of the gown.