Clostridioides difficile Infection

Clostridioides difficile Infection

Infection Prevention

Contact Precautions


Clinical Considerations

  • Discontinue all unnecessary antibiotics and or inciting drug
  • High CDI risk antibiotics: 
    • Fluoroquinolones
    • Clindamycin
    • Cephalosporins
    • Carbapenems
  • Insufficient data to support use of probiotics for primary or secondary prevention of CDI
  • Can consider use based on patient and provider preference
  • Relatively contraindicated in immunocompromised patients

Do not use until acute symptoms of CDI improve

Stop proton pump inhibitors and histamine 2- receptor blockers if possible

Preferred Therapy

Nonsevere defined as: 

  • WBC ≤ 15
  • SCr <1.5 mg/dL

Recurrence occurs in ~25% of patients

Defined by: 

  • Hypotension
  • Shock
  • Ileus
  • Megacolon