Bacterial Prostatitis

Bacterial Prostatitis



Preferred Therapy

  • Less than 1% of all clinical prostatitis is acute bacterial prostatitis
  • A severe, potentially life-threatening infection
  • Abrupt onset of lower UTI symptoms, pain, and systemic symptoms (fevers, chills, malaise, etc.)
  • Prostate is typically extremely tender, tense, swollen, warm
  • Complications include: bacteremia, abscess, chronic prostatitis
  • Symptoms include pain (lower abdominal, rectal, perineal, penile, testicular, post-ejaculatory), low grade fever
  • Recurrent positive urine culture
  • Symptoms can be subtle
  • Prostate exam is generally normal
  • Must differentiate from chronic prostatitis without infection

Adapted from the Joseph Brant Hospital Antimicrobial Stewardship Program