Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
Labs and Risk Factors

Labs and Risk Factors

Labs and Other Studies

  • Lymphocytopenia (83-90%)

    • This is a good marker to trend, recovery suggests good prognosis
  • Thrombocytopenia (27-36%)

  • Elevated AST/ALT (22%)

  • Leukocytosis (6%)

Abnormal CT (86%)

  • GGO most common (56%)

    • Bilateral 51.8%, Localized 42%
    • Peripheral GGO early in disease
  • Would not get this as part of routine tests

Abnormal CXR (59%), may change over the duration of the illness and with progressive hypoxia

Median admission w/ pneumonia 9d from sx onset (DELAYED)

ARDS (17-29%), unexplained resp failure

Co-infection possible, but has become rare over time (e.g., flu, RSV, rhino, usually from the same specimen)

Risk Factors

Risk Factors for Progression

  • Age >60 years
  • BMI >30
  • Persistent leucopenia
  • LDH >500
  • D-dimer >1000ng/mL may be seen more commonly in ICU patients
  • D-dimer >2000ng/mL may suggest thromboembolic disease, but data remain unclear