Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)


  • For a list of open inpatient and outpatient trials, please see this website.

  • Therapeutic rationale for trials is listed in this guideline.

Contact Information

Both patients and staff:

To facilitate scheduling COVID-19 testing after order has been placed:

For confirmed outpatient cases that need ID consultation:

  • Please call 310-206-7663, option 2 for an urgent telehealth consult or

  • Submit an e-consult for non-urgent issues

Pharmacy Support

  • Matt Davis

  • Meganne Kanatani

  • Christine Pham

  • Kerry Menmuir, Director of Inpatient Pharmacy

  • Jess DeJesus, Chief of Pharmacy

Whom to Test

Please test any inpatient with the following symptoms or signs

  • Fever (77-98%, ONLY 44% on admission)

  • Cough (46-82%, dry in 66%)

  • Myalgia or fatigue (11-52%)

  • Shortness of breath (3-31%)

  • Headache (13.6%)

  • Nasal congestion <5%

  • Nausea/vomiting/diarrhea <5%

  • Ageusia- Anosmia or ageusia (23-68%)

Patients with multiple comorbidities who live in congregate settings (skilled nursing facilities) may present with atypical symptoms and it is reasonable to screen all patients who come from such settings.

More Information