Should not be used as monotherapy

TuberculosisEndocarditisProsthetic Joint/Osteomyelitis Infections600 mg IV/PO every 24 hr300 mg IV/PO every 8 hr450 mg IV/PO every 12 hr

General Information

  • Mycobacterial infections

  • Brucellosis

  • Osteomyelitis

  • Prosthetic joint infections due to Staphyloccocus aureus

Always use in combination with other agents


  • Basline and periodic LFTs


  • Multiple drug interactions

  • Nausea/vommiting, diarrhea

  • Abnormal liver enzymes

  • Rash (Steven-Johnson syndrome)

  • Myopathy

Inducer of many CYP enzymes including 3A4, and 2C9. Review patients medications carefully.

  • Should never be used as monotherapy

  • May discolor bodily secretions (yellow-reddish). Caution in contact lens wearers.

Antimicrobial class: Antimycobacterial

Pregnancy category: C

Average serum half life: 3-4 hr

Biliary penetration: Therapeutic

CSF penetration: Therapeutic

Lung penetration: Therapeutic

Route of Elimination: Feces

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