Using Antimicrobials Wisely

Using Antimicrobials Wisely

Tips for Using Antimicrobials Wisely

  • Obtain cultures prior to starting empiric antimicrobial therapy IF possible.
  • Check and verify antimicrobial allergies.
  • If a patient has recently (within past 3 months) been treated with one class of antimicrobial agent, consideration should be given to choosing an antimicrobial from a different class if possible.
  • Consider duration of treatment when starting antimicrobial therapy and use minimum duration required.
    • Note: TBRHSC has autostop of 5 days for IV antimicrobials/oseltamivir and 7 days for PO antimicrobials.
      • This will generally exclude HIV, TB, chronic prophylactic antimicrobials, and febrile neutropenic protocol patients.
  • Use narrow spectrum agent where possible; de-escalate to a narrow spectrum agent when appropriate based on culture results.
  • Use oral antimicrobials where possible; switch from IV to PO when clinically appropriate.

Additional Information

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