Vaccination for Asplenia

Vaccination for Asplenia


Patients without a spleen are at risk for developing postsplenectomy infections

Due to the high mortality rates associated with these infections, it is imperative to ensure these patients receive the appropriate vaccinations at the appropriate time based on CDC recommendations


The vaccination schedule consists of 4 vaccines initially if patient has an unknown vaccination history

Day 1 of vaccination is dependent on whether the splenectomy is elective or emergent

  • To be administered 14 days prior to procedure if possible, if given within 14 days prior, doses are valid
  • To be administered 14 days post-splenectomy or as soon as patient has been stabilized after surgery prior to discharge, whichever comes first
  • Some data suggest suboptimal vaccine responses if administered within 14 days after splenectomy
  • If concerns of suboptimal response, revaccination can be considered. There is limited data regarding waiting until 14 days post-op, which can lead to missed vaccinations


All vaccinations can be administered at the same time on Day 1

Annual inactivated flu vaccine is recommended for every patient yearly during flu season

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