Invasive Aspergillus (IA)

Invasive Aspergillus (IA)

Clinical Considerations

All dosages are based on normal renal/hepatic function

  • Primary therapy with echinocandin is NOT recommended
  • For salvage therapy, echinocandins may be used as monotherapy or in combination


  • Criteria for use required
  • If obese use AdjBW

Alternative Treatment

Salvage Therapy

  • Criteria for use required


  • Tablet: 300 mg PO BID for 1 day, then 300 mg PO daily
  • IV: 300 mg IV BID for 1 day, then 300 mg IV daily
  • Criteria for use required

Treatment Duration

Minimum 6-12 weeks

Duration depends on severity and continuation of immunosuppression, as well as extent of resolution of clinical disease