Candida glabrata

Candida glabrata


General Information

  • Fluconazole (susceptible-dose dependent)
  • Amphotericin B

Fungus - Yeast

Colonization and invasive infection in compromised hosts especially in the setting of exposure to antifungal (i.e. fluconazole) and broad spectrum antimicrobials

  • Candidemia
  • Line infections
  • Intra-abdominal infection
  • Surgical wound infection
  • Endocarditis
  • Infectious Disease consultation recommended in invasive infection
  • Cultures yielding Candida spp. from non-sterile sites (e.g. stool, urine, mucocutaneous sites, respiratory samples) typically do not represent infection, but rather colonization of that surface
  • Cultures yielding Candida spp. from sterile fluid (e.g. blood, CSF, peritoneum, deep tissue) almost always reflective of invasive infection