Dalbavancin Treatment Pathway

Dalbavancin Treatment Pathway

General Principles

To provide guidance on facilitating treatment of certain infections with dalbavancin in select patients stable for discharge

Patient Eligibility

All must be met:

  • Documented need for long-term IV antibiotics (> 7 days)
  • No continued reason for admission other than receipt of IV antibiotics
  • Does not qualify or refuses to be discharged to a SNF/LTAC to complete antibiotic therapy (e.g., homeless, uninsured, history of IV drug abuse)
  • Unable to tolerate or be compliant with oral antibiotics, and/or an oral antibiotic is not appropriate for the infection
  • Infection with Vancomycin-susceptible gram-positive organism

Must have one of the following:

  • Skin and skin structure infections (SSSI)
  • Bone and joint infections (e.g., osteomyelitis, septic arthritis, prosthetic joint infection)
  • Uncomplicated bloodstream infection (e.g., catheter-related, SSSI-related)
  • Consolidation therapy for complicated bloodstream infections/endocarditis (after a minimum of 7 days IV antibiotics AND confirmation of negative blood cultures x2 on a single day)
  • Other indications per evaluation by ID physician/provider

Administration Pathways

Dalbavancin will require ID consult and ID pharmacist/pharmacy leadership approval for appropriateness (M-F only)

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