Diabetic Foot Infections (DFIs)


Clinical Considerations

Local infection involving only skin and subcutaneous tissue with:

  • No involvement of deeper tissues
  • No systemic signs
  • If erythema, must be >0.5 cm to ≤2 cm
  • Inappropriate and over-prescribing of antibiotics is common for DFIs, which may lead to antibiotic resistance
  • Mild cases can receive oral monotherapy antibiotics.
  • Levofloxacin: inferior agent for microaerophillic Streptococcus and gram-negatives; no anaerobic coverage
  • Aztreonam: inferior agent for Pseudomonas spp.; no coverage for gram-positives and anaerobes
  • Unless previous reaction to penicillin derivative is anaphylaxis, consider a cephalosporin over other agents
    • Refer to “Beta-lactam Allergy Quick Sheet” for further guidance on cross-reactivity and assessment of allergy history


Antibiotic Treatment

Duration of Treatment

Typically 7-14 days