Severe COVID

Severe COVID

Recommended Treatment

  • 0.15mg/kg/dose PO or IV (Max 6 mg/dose) once daily for up to 10 days or until discharge from hospital, if sooner.
  • Note that dexamethasone dosing for other indications e.g. asthma, CRS/HLH, croup etc. will differ and specific hospital guidance for these indications should be followed as appropriate


For children ≥40 Kg: 200 mg IV q24h x1, then 100mg IV q24h x 4 days

For children <40 Kg: 5mg/kg/dose IV x1, then 2.5 mg/kg/dose IV q24h x 4 d

For infants <3.5 Kg: 2.5mg/kg/dose IV x1, then 1.25mg/kg/dose IV q24h x 4 d

*For patients on high-flow oxygen (ie oxygen by face mask, high-flow nasal cannula, or non-invasive mechanical ventilation)

Remdesivir Considerations