Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

Routine Practices

  • If signs of extracutaneous Lyme disease refer to Red Book and consult ID.
  • Signs of extracutaneous Lyme disease:

    • Isolated facial palsy
    • Arthritis
    • Heart block or carditis
  • Consult ID for atypical forms of early disease, e.g. multiple rashes

Common Pathogen

Borrelia burgdorferi

Alternative Therapy

If penicillin allergic


If unable to take other options


Duration of Therapy

  • Early localized disease: See drug-specific recommendations
  • Early disseminated or late disease:
    • Facial palsy: 14-21 days
    • Multiple EM: 21 days
    • Arthritis: 28 days
    • Heart block or carditis: 21 days
    • Meningitis: 14 days
    • Encephalitis/peripheral neuropathy: 14-28 days

More Information

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Antimicrobial Advisory Group Sept 2019