Cervical Adenitis

Cervical Adenitis

Routine Practices

  • Note: Does not include suspected “Cat scratch” (Bartonella infection), fungal or mycobacterial lymphadenitis
  • Consider ultrasound if concerned for abscess formation
  • If abscess present, purulent material should be sent for Gram stain, bacterial culture, and susceptibilities

Common Pathogens

Treatment Infants and Older Children

  • For mild-moderate condition


  • For moderate-severe condition

Allergy Alternative

  • Failed 1st-line Treatment or
  • Severe Beta-Lactam Allergy

Duration of Therapy

7-10 days including IV and oral

More Information

Lancet Infect Dis 2016; 16: e139–52 CHEO Spectrum App lists 7-10 days