Dental Abscess/Facial Swelling of Dental Origin

Dental Abscess/Facial Swelling of Dental Origin

Routine Practices

  • Refer to Clinical Practice Guideline, Dental Abscess with Facial Swelling
  • Surgical elimination of the source of infection via extraction or endodontic treatment and drainage of pus is recommended as soon as clinically possible
  • Obtain purulent specimens for Gram stain, culture, and susceptibility testing

Common Pathogens

Empiric Treatment Infants and Older Children

Use antibiotics as an adjunct to surgical intervention


Duration of Therapy

7 days

For Serious Infections

*For more severe infections, consider coverage for oral anaerobes and S. aureus. Consider ID consult

Beta-lactam Allergy

More Information

SickKids dental abscess and facial swelling CPG, 

Revised 2022