RSV Pneumonia

RSV Pneumonia

Droplet / Contact Precautions

  • NP swab not routinely recommended but may be useful in selected circumstances (e.g. cohorting, excluding treatable viruses such as influenza)
  • Recommend ID consult if severe disease in immunocompromised patients, or considering antiviral therapy

Common Pathogen

Respiratory Syncitial Virus


Empiric antiviral therapy generally not recommended

Inhaled ribavirin may be used in selected cases (i.e. immunocompromised patient with severe disease); requires ID consult

RSV Prophylaxis Criteria

More Information

RSV Prophylaxis for publicly-funded Palivizumab requires enrollment into the RSV Program. More information can be found here

Contact the SickKids RSV Program at [email protected] for more information.