Bacterial Tracheitis

Bacterial Tracheitis

Droplet/Contact precautions required for patients with Staphylococcus aureus tracheitis if a endotracheal tube of tracheostomy is in place for the duration of their illness.

  • Airway is priority; perform investigations in safe setting with intubation capacity, or after intubation if severe illness

  • Definitive diagnosis: visualization of inflamed epiglottis on laryngoscopy

  • Lateral/AP neck xrays – “thumb sign”

  • Neck CT if concern re: abscess

  • Blood cultures and surface laryngeal cultures prior to antibiotics

  • Recommend ID consult

Neonatal Treatment


Infants and Older Children Treatment



If severely ill

Allergy Alternative

For severe beta-lactam allergy


Duration of Therapy

7-10 days total

More Information

Al-Mutairi CPS Statement 2004 Available Here