Contact Precautions

If any visible skin vesicles

  • Consult ID
  • CSF for cell count, and HSV PCR
    • If CSF specimen is in the lab before 0800, a same day PCR result is generally available.
  • Other testing to be done in consultation with microbiology or ID
  • For other etiology specific treatment, consult ID

Common Pathogen



Duration of Therapy

  • Neonatal HSV Encephalitis: 21 days IV plus 6 months of suppressive therapy with oral acyclovir

  • Infants and Older Children with HSV Encephalitis: 21 days IV therapy. Repeat CSF recommended to document a negative PCR prior to discontinuing acyclovir

More Information

IDSA Guideline, Herpes Simplex Virus-1 Encephalitis, 2012 Available Here