Penicillin G

Penicillin G

IV: $

Spectrum of Activity

General Information

  • Necrotizing Fasciitis:

    • IV: Clindamycin + Cloxacillin ± Vancomycin, if Group A Strep suspected (ie, chickenpox): Add Penicillin G
  • Dog bite/cat bite: In cases where anaerobic coverage is not required, Cloxacillin + Penicillin

  • Human Bite:

    • IV: Cloxacillin + Penicillin
  • Tick Bite: Alternative IV therapy

  • Soil Contamination (eg, barnyard injuries):

    • IV: Penicillin + Tobramycin + Cloxacillin

EAP (injection)

Periodic serum electrolytes, renal and hematologic function tests, cardiac and hematologic function tests during prolonged/high-dose therapy; observe for signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis during first dose, and changes in bowel frequency

  • Newborn: Contains 1.68 mmol Na+/million units

  • Infants: 600 mg = 1 million units