15 mg/kg/dose x 1, then check serum vancomycin concentration at 12-24 hours and dose according to serum concentrations

  • Consult pharmacist and responsible physician or nurse practitioner regarding therapeutic drug monitoring

Infants and Older Children

Dosing by Severity

Mild: q8-q12h Moderate: q18-48h Severe: q3-7 days

Peritonitis/peritoneal dialysis

Loading: 1000 mg IP/L dialysate Maintenance: 25 mg IP/L dialysate

Haemodialysis or Haemodiafiltration

10 mg/kg/dose IV once Dose limit: Usual 500 mg/dose or severe infection 1 g/dose prior to TDM See Therapeutic Drug Monitoring - Vancomycin for TDM and re-dosing guideline