Sepsis Syndromes

Sepsis Syndromes

Clinical Considerations

  • These guidelines recommend antimicrobial therapy for empiric treatment. Antibiotics are to be adjusted based on cultures and clinical response.

  • References can be found in the provincially approved treatment guidelines for the specific infectious syndrome or available upon request.

  • Avoid piperacillin-tazobactam and certain cephalosporins, but meropenem is reasonable to give in severe sepsis or greater even with history of penicillin/ampicillin anaphylaxis, with close observation.

  • See the Beta-Lactam Allergy Guidelines for more information.

  • Consult Infectious Disease if in doubt for clarification or alternatives.

Doses of antibiotics are for patients with normal renal function. Dose adjustment of some of the antibiotics may be required for patients with renal impairment.

These guidelines do not specifically address contraindicated antimicrobials (including fluoroquinolones).

eXtensively drug resistant organisms: typically Gram negative bacteria resistant to all but 2 classes of routinely used antibiotics.