OB Sepsis: Suspected/Proven Initial Management for 24-48 hours


Do Point of Care Risk Assessment and Consider if Infection Prevention and Control Precautions are Necessary -Droplet and Contact -Airborne Precautions -Contact Precautions

  • Insert Urinary Catheter

  • Insert #16 and #18 gauge IV

  • Monitor urine output Q1H

  • BP, HR, RR, O₂ saturation Q15Min until stable then Q1H

  • Temperature at baseline then Q1H

  • NS 500mL IV bolus now

  • Repeat NS 500mL Q10-15Min until SBP >90mmHg or MAP >65mmHg

  • If further fluid resuscitation required after 2L of NS, change fluid to Plasmalyte

Supplemental oxygen to maintain SpO₂ above 94%


Consider chest radiograph

Consider 12-lead ECG


Consult pharmacy for dose adjustments of vancomycin and/or gentamicin as needed

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