OB Postpartum Infection: Initial Assessment

OB Postpartum Infection: Initial Assessment



Consult pharmacy for dose adjustments of vancomycin and/or gentamicin as needed

Call MD if maternal temperature is below 36.0ºC or above 38.0ºC

Additional Information

Do Point of Care Risk Assessment and Consider if Infection Prevention and Control Precautions are Necessary -Droplet and Contact -Airborne Precautions -Contact Precautions

  • Insert one IV
    • #16 gauge cannula
    • #18 gauge cannula

Also consider:

  • Assess alterations in mental status Q1H for 4 hours
  • Monitor urinary output Q1H for 4 hours

BP, HR, RR, oxygen saturation, temperature now then Q1H for 4 hours

Supplemental oxygen to maintain SpO₂ above 94%