OB Suspected/Evolving Chorioamnionitis or Intra-Amniotic Infection (IAI)



Consult pharmacy for dose adjustments of gentamicin as needed


Send placenta for pathology

Additional Information

Do Point of Care Risk Assessment and Consider if Infection Prevention and Control Precautions are Necessary -Droplet and Contact -Airborne Precautions -Contact Precautions

  • Insert one IV
    • #16 gauge cannula
    • #18 gauge cannula

Also consider:

  • Measure urinary output Q1H

  • HR, RR, BP, temperature and oxygen saturation baseline, then Q1H

Also consider:

  • Assess hourly for signs of sepsis

    • e.g. increased RR, altered LOC
  • Continuous electronic fetal monitoring


  • Normal saline - 500mL IV, bolus "wide open" now

  • Normal saline - 125 mL/h IV

  • Normal saline - 80 mL/h IV for cardiac or hypertensive patients

  • Change solution to Plasmalyte after 2L of normal saline

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