OB Group B Streptococcus (GBS) Prophylaxis: Intrapartum


  • Offer all women screening for GBS at 35-37 weeks gestation with vaginal/rectal cultures, regardless of planned mode of delivery

  • Screening may be offered at an earlier gestational age in women who are at higher risk of needing early delivery

    • e.g. an at risk pregnancy that may require delivery before 37 weeks and in whom a recent (≤5 weeks) negative culture would prevent the need for antibiotics
  • Women with indications for GBS prophylaxis do not require screening

  • Swab the lower vagina and then the rectal area using the same swab

  • Women can be instructed to collect their own samples

  • If the woman is penicillin allergic, indicate "Penicillin allergy" on the requisition

    • Whether the reaction is anaphylaxis or not, request antibiotic susceptibility testing on GBS cultures in women who are though to have a significant risk of anaphylaxis from penicillin


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