Standard: 500 mg IV/PO q8 - 12h
(metronidazole is 100% bioavailable - use oral metronidazole in all patients with a functioning GI system that are able to tolerate oral medications)

Clostridium difficile and central nervous system infections: 500 mg PO/IV q8h

Bacterial Vaginosis: (including in pregnancy)

500 mg po BID x 7 days

Trichomoniasis: (including in pregnancy)

Preferred: (use this dose in HIV positive patients)

500 mg po BID x 7 days


2 g po x 1 dose

Extended Prophylaxis Post Cesarean Section in Obese Patients

500 mg po TID x 48 hours (in combination with cephalexin 500 mg po TID)