Klebsiella pneumoniae (C&W)




General Information

Treatment of infections caused by multi-drug resistant gram negative organisms.

Pregnancy: Very limited data. Due to the known safety of other beta lactams in pregnancy, likely compatible.

Breastfeeding: Very limited data. Imipenem seems to transfer into breastmilk in very low amounts. In the information available currently, it does not appear cilastatin transfers into breastmilk in detectable amounts.

  • Scr
  • Liver enzymes
  • CBC
  • Immediate and delayed-type allergy
  • GI disturbance
  • Anemia
  • Cytopenias, positive Coombs
  • Liver enzyme abnormalities
  • CNS effects including confusional states and seizures
  • May decrease serum concentrations of valproic acid
  • Ganciclovir/valganciclovir - may increase risk of seizures
  • Cyclosporine - may enhance neurotoxic effects of imipenem

Non formulary

Cilastatin prevents renal metabolism of imipenem by competitive inhibition of dehydropeptidase along the brush border of the renal tubules.

Antimicrobial class: Carbapenem