C difficile risk
Oral Bioavailability


IV: 2 g IV q4 - 6h

PO: 500 mg PO QID (oral cloxacillin has poor bioavailability and needs to be administered on an empty stomach, consider alternative oral agent)

MeningitisInfuse over 20 minutesDouble the dose to 50 mg/kg/dose for meningitis

Age 0-4 wk25 mg/kg/dose IV Q12H

Age 0-7 days>7 days25 mg/kg/dose IV Q12H25 mg/kg/dose IV Q8H

Age 0-7 days>7 days 25 mg/kg/dose IV Q8H25 mg/kg/dose IV Q6H

All Infants: 25 mg/kg/dose IV Q6H

IV, IMPO100 mg/mL25 mg/mL

IV, IMPOReconstitute 500mg vial with 4.8mL of sterile water for injection = 100 mg/mLReconstitution instructions for 125 mg/5 mL powder for oral suspension:

  1. Shake bottle to loosen powder
  2. Reconstitute by adding 70mL of sterile water to make a final volume of 100mL
  3. Shake well

IV, IMPO100 mg/mL = 24 H Refrigerated25 mg/mL = 14 days Refrigerate

Neonatal: No dosage adjustment required in renal impairment

General Information

Treatment of MSSA infections.

Pregnancy: Compatible.

Breastfeeding: Compatible.

  • Allergy (immediate or delayed)

  • Phlebitis at injection site in a peripheral vein

  • Cytopenias

  • Eosinophilia

  • Interstitial nephritis

  • Abnormal liver enzymes

  • Can increase methotrexate levels

  • Can decrease mycophenolate levels

Antimicrobial class: Antistaphylococcal penicillin

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