General Information

Pregnancy: Compatible.

Breastfeeding: Compatible.

  • Susceptible Staphylococcal, Streptococcal and Gram negative infections.
  • Skin and soft tissue infection (i.e. cellulitis), bone and joint infections, endocarditis
  • Surgical prophylaxis including cesarean section prophylaxis.
  • Chorioamnionitis and endometritis (in combination with metronidazole)
  • Allergy (immediate or delayed).
  • Can cause positive Coombs, cytopenias, and hepatic and renal laboratory abnormalities.

Probenecid prolongs half-life. Drug interaction has been used therapeutically to give once daily cefazolin.

Cefazolin does not share any structural side chain similarities with any other beta lactam antibiotic including other cephalosporins.

  • Patients with true allergies to penicillin and other cephalosporins can receive cefazolin.

Cefazolin should be avoided in patients with a direct allergy to cefazolin itself or a history of severe Type IV hypersensitivity reactions (ie. Stevens Johnson Syndrome) to any beta lactam.

Antimicrobial class: 1st Generation Cephalosporin