Coagulase-Negative Staphylococcus

Coagulase-Negative Staphylococcus


Common contaminants with low virulence, but can cause central line infections

Clinical infection is supported with multiple positive blood cultures drawn from separate sites at different times (e.g. multiple days) and systemic signs or symptoms of infection

Empiric Treatment

  • Order set link found in vancomycin monograph
  • Notify pharmacist for levels and further dosing

Duration and De-escalation


  • Uncomplicated (removable source): minimum 2 weeks from first negative blood culture
  • Complicated (e.g. endocarditis, osteomyelitis, unremovable source or bacteremia that persists more than 72 hours on appropriate therapy): requires 6 weeks of therapy

More Information

Exception: S. lugdunensis (never considered a contaminant)