Catheter Removal

Catheter Removal

Catheter Removal

Absolute indications for catheter removal:

  1. Infection with: S. aureus, Candida (yeast), Pseudomonas

  2. Tunnel infection

  3. Uncontrolled sepsis (i.e. shock)

Rationale for removal in above settings:

  • The line may be a source of uncontrolled sepsis
  • The likelihood of catheter salvage is low
  • Relapse rates are unacceptably high with line retention
  • The risks of metastatic complications are high

Remove lines as soon as possible

If line removal is delayed, consult clinical pharmacist or infectious diseases physician for interim management

Catheter Salvage

Catheter salvage can be considered for infections caused by coagulase negative Staphylococci if the patient is clinically stable

When catheter salvage is attempted, antibiotics should be given through the infected line; do not use oral options

Infected catheters should not be exchanged over a guide wire

Lock therapy involves instillation of antibiotics into the catheter to be left in place as an adjunctive therapy; Consult ID