Not On Dialysis

CrCl 30-60
  • Treatment: 30mg PO q12h for 5 days
  • Prophylaxis: 30mg PO q24h for 10-14 days
CrCl 10-29
  • Treatment: 30mg PO q24h for 5 days
  • Prophylaxis: 30mg PO q2days for 10-14 days
CrCl <10
  • Treatment: 75mg PO ONCE (Use with caution)
  • Prophylaxis: 30mg PO ONCE (Use with caution)

Intermittent Hemodialysis (IHD)


75mg PO after each dialysis session over a period of 5 days


An initial 30mg PO dose may be given prior to HD if exposed during the 48 hours between dialysis sessions

Then administer 30mg PO after alternate dialysis sessions over a period of 10-14 days