Pediatric COVID-19

  • Children should not be entering IH facilities unless necessary given the heightened risk for viral transmission to vulnerable individuals from this population

  • Children seem to have mild presentations of COVID-19, although those with underlying comorbidities may be at increased risk

  • There appears to be an association with pediatric COVID-19 and chilblain's like phenomena in the digits ("Covid toes")

  • Children may develop complications resembling TSS (toxic shock) or Kawasaki; more data to come

  • GI symptoms may be more common in children than adults

  • Fecal shedding may occur in children: wear gloves and practice good hand hygiene when changing diapers, or assisting with toileting. Ensure toilets are covered prior to flushing

  • De-escalation of infection control follows similar rules to adults, but consideration should be given for possible longer shedding

BCCDC Guidance on Pediatric Populations

Canadian Pediatrics Society Guidance

CPS has created guidelines to address COVID-19 infections in pediatric patients