Fever in Asplenic/Sickle Cell Patients

Fever in Asplenic/Sickle Cell Patients


This guideline is intended for Empiric Hospital Therapy

Modify therapy when possible according to identified pathogens, antimicrobial susceptibility and clinical status

Patient showing signs of shock

Ceftriaxone IV/IM 100 mg/kg/day divided q12-24 hrs

  • Give q12 for meningitis/CNS infections
  • Max 4g/day


Vancomycin IV 60 mg/kg/day divided q6-8 hrs.

  • Usual maximum starting dose 4g/day
  • Dose should be adjusted based on serum drug level monitoring

No Signs of Shock

Ceftriaxone IV/IM 50-75 mg/kg/day given as a single daily dose

Max 4g/day