Vancomycin IV

Vancomycin IV



General Information

Suspected or proven MRSA, coagulase-negative Staphylococcal infections, Enterococcal infections.

Collect trough 0-1h before 3rd dose if abnormal/fluctuating renal function

  • Target trough 15-20mcg/mL for pneumonia, endocarditis, osteomyelitis, meningitis or bacteremia
  • Target trough 10-15 mcg/mL for all other infections
  • Nephrotoxicity
  • Cytopenias
  • Rash including Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
  • Red man syndrome (histamine release - slow down infusion)

Piperacillin-Tazobactam (Tazocin) and Vancomycin concomitant administration may lead to synergistic nephrotoxicity.

Aminoglycosides may potentiate nephrotoxicity.

May enhance neuromuscular blockade of NM blocking agents.

Careful with concomitant nephrotoxins.

Administration rate:

  • 1000 mg or less: over 60 minutes
  • 1001 - 1500 mg: over 90 minutes
  • 1501 - 2000 mg: over 120 minutes

Do not administer faster than 1g/hr due to increased risk of Red man's syndrome

Antimicrobial class: Glycopeptide

Pregnancy category: C

Average serum half life: 8 hours

Urine penetration: Therapeutic

Lung penetration: Therapeutic

CSF penetration: Moderate

Biliary penetration: Moderate